Rodney Reed will appear on Dr. Phil this week

Updated October 15, 2019

Rodney will appear in a special two-part episode of The Dr. Phil Show on October 10 and 11. Check your local listings for channel and time. Many thanks to Dr. Phil and his crew for traveling to the Death Row in Livingston, Texas, to interview Rodney!

Clips have been added to Dr. Phil’s site!
Rodney Reed’s Death Row Countdown: Is an Innocent Man About to Die? (Part 1)

What Happened to Stacey? What the Evidence Shows (Part 2)

In the UK, watch Part 1 and Part 2 at Daily Motion


6 thoughts on “Rodney Reed will appear on Dr. Phil this week

  1. Brittney

    Rodney Reed deserves a fair trial. There is more and more evidence coming to light to prove his innocence. We must support justice !


  2. Kelly Zimmerman

    Sorry, this obviously does boil down to race and all the ignorant racist SOBs in Texas. It’s obvious Rodney is NOT quilty and that the racist, sick Fennel is! Do the right and Godkt thing and FREE Rodney!


  3. Suzanne Gullett

    The only person guilty of killing Stacey Sykes is her former fiance. He hated black people, and he found out she was fucking, a black man, and that was it, she had to die, and I’m very surprised he didn’t kill Rodney Reed to!!


  4. Loretta Vecchione

    I truly believe in my heart that this man it’s not guilty of this heinous crime. I think that her fiance is guilty, and he det up this innocent man to take the fall. Being a police officer, he knew what strings to pull. I’m a firm believer in Justice, I respect the uniform, but in this case this man is letting another man hang for his actions. I Pray with all my heart that they let this man go and they do not execute him next month. May God be with him…



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