Action Items

What You Can Do

1. Collect signatures for Rodney’s petition. You can find an online petition at or a NEW petition at Download a paper petition here. An informational fact sheet can be downloaded here. You can table and petition for Rodney at your school, church, or community events!

2.Sign a clemency letter for Rodney addressed to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. You can download and print a copy to mail or send an email. Write your own personalized letter or use the one on this site.

3. Stay updated about Rodney’s case through social media. Follow Justice for Rodney Reed on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram . Share your own solidarity photo with us and tag it #Justice4Rodney

4. Read up on the case. Jordan Smith has a must read article at The Intercept, and she wrote extensively about the case while at The Austin Chronicle. You can find a series of articles on our Media page.

5. Host a screening of the documentary State vs. Reed, which is an incredible resource for showing the facts of the case. You can find it online here. A new, shorter video about the case called Framed also updates the case with new witnesses interviews.

6. Donate to Rodney’s legal fund . His lawyers are doing important ongoing investigation of evidence and witnesses, but none of this is paid for by the state. All funding comes pro-bono from the defense and from Rodney’s supporters. Just $75 can pay for one hour of investigation!

7. Read and share the Justice for Rodney Reed blog. Rodney’s friend, Caitlin Adams, wrote beautiful stories about her visits with Rodney before she passed.

8. Get involved with Texas activists who are fighting for Rodney’s freedom.  E-mail the Free Rodney Reed Campaign at for more information. Check the Upcoming Events page for actions to get involved with.

9. Send Rodney a letter or card to show him he has support on the outside. You can send a letter to this address:
Rodney Reed #999271
Polunsky Unit Death Row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351

or use JPay to send an email:

The state of Texas has refused to correct its wrongs. Together we can be a force that’s impossible to ignore.