Clemency Supporters

Notable supporters of Rodney’s request for clemency include the following people and groups. If you represent a community or faith organization and would like to add your name, please contact


American Friends Service Committee – New York

Amnesty International, human rights organization

Eric Andre, comedian

Joe Allen, author of People wasn’t made to burn: A true story of race, murder, and justice in Chicago

Austin American-Statesman editorial board


Rod Boggs, Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights & Urban Affairs

Rev. Miles Brandon II at St. Julian of Norwich Episcopal Church, Austin

Rep. John Bucy III, Texas State Representative, District 136

Busta Rhymes, rapper

Cardi B

John Carlos, 1968 Olympic Medalist and Protester

Frank Chapman, National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression

Chuck D, from Public Enemy

Pastor Gaylon Clark, Greater Mount Zion Church, Austin

Mark Clements, Burge torture victim, wrongfully imprisoned for 28 years.
Read Mark’s letter on the Clemency page.

Dana Cloud, Professor of Communication Studies, Syracuse University

Sen. Ted Cruz, United States Senator

Mark Cuban, entrepreneur

Rep. John Cyrier, Texas State Representative, District 17 (includes Bastrop County)

Dallas Citizens for Change

Dallas Morning News Editorial Board

Ben Davis, art critic and author of 9.5 Theses on Art and Class

The European Union

Phil Fornaci, civil rights attorney

Rep. Vikki Goodwin, Texas State Representative, District 47

Airickca Gordon-Taylor, cousin of Emmett Till and Executive Director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation

Shujaa Graham, Witness to Innocence, Exonerated death row prisoner

Dick Gregory, comedian and legendary civil rights activist

Gigi Hadid, model

Rev. Dr. Sid Hall, Trinity United Methodist Church, Austin

Howie Hawkins, 2014 Green Party candidate for Governor, New York

Joseph “Jazz” Hayden, All Things Harlem/Still Here Harlem Productions, Campaign to End the New Jim Crow

Lawrence Hayes, former NY death row prisoner

Lily Hughes, National Director, Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Ricky Jason of the award-winning documentary film Byrd: The Life & Tragic Death of James Byrd Jr

Brian Jones, 2014 Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor, New York

Mariame Kaba, founding director of Project Nia

Kim Kardashian West

Moshe Kasher, comedian

Martin Luther King III

Shaun King, civil rights activist

Rev. Charles Kullman at St. Austin Catholic Parish, Austin
Read Rev. Kullman’s letter on the
Clemency page.

Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Rutgers University

Arun Kundnani, author, The Muslims Are Coming

LL Cool J, entertainer

Meek Mill, rapper

Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the Dr. Phil show

Joe Moreno, former 1st ward Alderman in Chicago, IL

Fr. Ed Nowak, University Catholic Center, University of Texas at Austin

Pastor Joseph Parker, David Chapel Baptist Church, Austin

Sherwynn Patton, Life Anew

Ted Pearson, National Alliance against Racism and Political Repression

Deke Pierce, Williamson Co., Texas, Constable (and 12 other law enforcement officers)
Video of his statement here

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking and Death of Innocence

Polk County, Texas, GOP. Texas death row is located in Polk Co.

Questlove, entertainer

Rev. Jim Rigby at St. Andrews Presbyterian, Austin


Pastor Aaron Reyes, Hope Community Church, Austin

Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr, Texas State Representative, District 90

Rev. Bud Roland at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, West Lake Hills, Texas

Yusef Salaam, falsely convicted in the Central Park Jogger case; exonerated by DNA evidence in 2002

Susan Sarandon, actor

Yara Shahidi, actor

Snehal Shingavi, Professor of English, University of Texas

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Assistant Professor, Center for African American Studies, Princeton University

Texas House Criminal Justice Reform Caucus, 26 members of the Texas Legislature, both Democrats and Republicans

Texas Legislative Black Caucus, 17 Texas State Representatives and 2 State Senators

T.I., rapper

Etan Thomas, Former NBA player and author Voices of the Future

University of Texas School of Law student organizations: The Public Defense Group, The Student Bar Association Board of Governors, The American Constitution Society, Public Interest Lawyers Association, Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy OUTLaw

Rev. Tom VandeStadt at the Congregational Church of Austin
Read Rev. VandeStadt’s letter on the Clemency page.

Greta VanSusteren, TV news anchor

Bishop Joe S. Vasquez, Diocese of Austin

Father Bill Wack at St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Parish, Austin.
Read Fr. Wack’s letter on the Clemency page.

Sen. Kirk Watson, Texas State Senator, District 14; now joined by 15 other state senators (7 Democrats and 8 Republicans)

Lewis Webb, Jr., New Jim Crow project coordinator for American Friends Service Committee

Christine Williams, Professor of Sociology, University of Texas

Rev. San Williams at University Presbyterian Church, Austin

Oprah Winfrey

Dave Zirin, Sports Editor at The Nation


12 thoughts on “Clemency Supporters

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  2. evmm

    Would lawmakers be less likely to ask for death, and governors respond more favorably to pleas for clemency and new trials, if by law, someone in the justice system had to be executed each time there was an exoneration or an executed prisoner was discovered to be not guilty? Only abolition of the death penalty can create a thoughtful justice system.


  3. Eddie Wright

    Free that man. The only thing they are executing him for was being in a relationship with a white woman in the south(Texas)


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  5. Johnny None Epperson

    What would be the point in taking an innocent man life , when there are millions of people Praying and asking for clemency.Restore peoples faith in A society with justice and hope, Free Rodney Reed.


  6. Stephenie E Garcia

    I know that Bastrop police where out to get him ,they tried to make me say i knew him an that he was dangerous, back then i was an addict but still knew better than to get involved so i kept insisting i didn’t know him even though they theatned me. But ive been clean since 07. But i remember them trying to make me say he was the one that had tried to hurt me. BASTROP hasnt changed i live here i have the whole time ive been clean along time but that doesn’t mean im safe



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