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Stop the November 20, 2019 Execution of Rodney Reed!

August 12, 2019

The State of Texas has once again failed to provide justice for Rodney Reed. Earlier this summer, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied Rodney’s latest appeal. The day after Rodney’s family was featured on the front of the Bastrop Advertiser, Bastrop DA Bryan Goertz asked for an execution date for Rodney. Judge Doug Shaver granted the motion, setting the execution date for November 20, 2019.

Rodney Reed is innocent! The evidence that has been uncovered just in the last few years is overwhelming – new forensics analysis shows that Stacey Stites was murdered much earlier than was claimed at trial, and that she was not raped, as the state also argued. The state has fought DNA testing on the murder weapon and is now trying to execute another innocent man!

Rodney’s family and supporters are fighting this grave injustice with all we’ve got! Please stay tuned for updates on how to get involved in the struggle to stop this execution and bring Rodney home! On Facebook, please follow Reed Justice Initiative and We Demand Justice: Free Rodney Reed!

Rodney’s lawyers at the Innocence Project recently filed a civil rights lawsuit on his behalf:

Rodney Reed is visited on Death Row by his mother Sandra Reed, his brother Rodrick, and Rodrick’s son RJ