Amnesty International issues URGENT ACTION about Rodney Reed

Thanks to the efforts of the student chapter of Amnesty International at the University of Texas, Rodney Reed is the subject of an Amnesty International Urgent Action. We are thankful to Amnesty for recognizing the grave injustices in Rodney’s case and for sharing this information with its membership!

Their fact sheet is available as a pdf for easy sharing, and includes information for those who wish to write a clemency letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, asking them to stop Rodney’s execution. You can send an email asking for clemency through their website here. Thanks to Amnesty for helping us take Rodney’s case truly international!


Amnesty International is one of the world’s largest human rights organizations with offices in over 80 countries.


10 thoughts on “Amnesty International issues URGENT ACTION about Rodney Reed

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  2. Wendy Radford

    I was wondering of there is an email address to send a letter to the Texas Governor and/or the Texas Dept of Pardons and Parole..


  3. Janell

    What r the courts afraid of, can’t admitted that were wrong. How can they respect themselves and think this is OK to send or keep a innocent man locked up. Well they will have to answer to this horrible crime they are committing by not releasing Rodney Reed. Karma will get even with those that are preventing his release & doing the right thing.



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