BREAKING NEWS: Rodney Reed granted a stay of execution by CCA

We have just learned that the execution of Rodney Reed has been stayed for now, by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA). The fight isn’t over until a new trial is granted, but this is great news!!

Says KVUE: “The ruling from the appeals court states Reed and his lawyers believe there is newly discovered evidence in Reed’s case that supports his claim that he is innocent.

The court placed a stay on Reed’s execution, scheduled for March 5, “pending further order of this Court.”

Reed’s lawyer, Bruce Benjet, released the following statement Monday:

We’re extremely relieved that the court has stayed Mr. Reed’s execution so there will be proper consideration of the powerful new evidence of his innocence. We are also optimistic that this will give us the opportunity to finally conduct DNA testing that could prove who actually committed the crime.”

You can read the full ruling from the CCA here.

Thanks to everyone who helped shine a light on this injustice. Public pressure and the work of Rodney’s attorneys is truly making a difference for Rodney and his family! 

Check back to this site for updates on this case and planned events as information comes in.


8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Rodney Reed granted a stay of execution by CCA

  1. Val Love

    To the Reed family Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, God’s unseen work in our hearts produces fruit in our lives. A work in Progress Amen


  2. stacy

    YAY! !!!!! I watched a story on this on A&E where they really did the crime scene and reinterviewed the people and I believe her cop boyfriend did it. I mean come on…who knows to cut fingernails bUT a cop? They know those nails held DNA evidence. Rodney needs to be freed! This city has a corrupt police depth and they racist. They didn’t want to believe that there was a CONSENSUAL relationship between a white woman and a black man. Wake up!!!! Rodney didn’t do it….her cop boyfriend did it cause he was jealous and mad…..he did jail time for raping a woman while in uniform!!!! I will pray for Rodney to be set free and Balstad Police shold be damn ashamed of their corrupt selves! Set thus man free. You’ve already taken years from him that can’t be replaced!



    I think rodney is innocent. I think her husband killed her. Whos to say his accomplice that supposedly committed suicide wasnt killed before he confessed. Their dna was on the beer cans around her body. Really!!!



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