Gov. Abbott finally issues a statement about Rodney Reed

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has finally issued a statement about Rodney Reed. One day after Reed’s stay by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Abbott spoke to Austin’s FOX7:

“First, I think it’s important for us to have an effective death penalty in the state of Texas when needed to be certain that whenever it’s supplied the person did commit the crime. So I think this is a healthy process that the court announced what it did so we can put beyond the shadow of any doubt what-so-ever that he really is guilty of the crime for which he was convicted,” he said.

Fox also notes that  the office of new Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says “they are reviewing the court’s ruling and did not immediately comment”

This blogger wouldn’t call anything about the Reed case a “healthy process”, but it’s notable that Abbott was finally forced to respond to the highest-profile capital punishment case of his new governorship. As Amnesty International says “Let’s keep the pressure up to ensure clemency!”


5 thoughts on “Gov. Abbott finally issues a statement about Rodney Reed

  1. Lori Howard

    How lame was that statement?

    If quoted correctly, it is obvious that Governor Abbott is not the smartest guy in the room.

    The statement would be comical really if it weren’t such a serious matter as Rodney Reed’s life or death.

    That Abbott is basically saying let’s prove Reed guilty when the CCA granted a stay based on newly discovered evidence and prosecutorial misconduct, and additionally, world-renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, opines that an examination of the evidence supports Rodney Reed’s innocence is truly horrifying.

    The people of Texas actually elected Abbott. There must be something wrong with the water there.

    I think that the often repeated state motto ought to be amended to “God Help Texas”.



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