Court Denies Rodney Reed’s Request for DNA Testing

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Austin American Statesman reports:

Texas’ highest criminal court Wednesday denied death row inmate Rodney Reed’s request for DNA testing on items related to the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop County.

The 8-0 decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals said the possibility of cross-contamination limited the usefulness of many of the items Reed wanted tested, and results from other items would not have resulted in his acquittal.

The court also said that Rodney failed to prove that the request for testing “was not for the purpose of unreasonable delay”, a claim insulting on its face, but especially because this court waited more than two years to make this ruling.

This denial is disheartening, but it is separate from Rodney’s habeas petition also filed in February of 2015, based on new forensic evidence, that contests the timeline of the version of events claimed by the State.

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The CCA’s full opinion can be read here.



4 thoughts on “Court Denies Rodney Reed’s Request for DNA Testing

  1. S Cory

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals need to drop the racism and do the right thing and serve a murder warrant on Jimmy….he wont be hard to find right?????


  2. Kelley Cunningham

    1st issue, the courts should always allow for DNA testing in any case where there is any question of possible innocence. Too many people have been convicted, only to be cleared by DNA testing. 2nd, how the prosecutors and town could not see that the crooked criminal cop Jimmy Fennell had far more reason amd opportunity to kill Staci than Rodney did is beyond my comprehension. 3rd, for anyone to believe Fennells story that he and Staci showered together and he gave her a back rub after the shower, but that didnt lead to sex tells me Fennels entire story about the night Staci died is not believable. I believe Fennell killed Staci because she was cheating on him and because Rodnay was black, that would have made it alot worse in Fennell’s mimd because he is a racist. Fennell’s criminal behavior of sexual assault while performing his job as a police officer that got him convivted and sent to prison for tells me all I need to know about Jimmy Fennells lack of character. I believe in supporting our law enforcement when those officers are true “Cops” doing their job to protect amd serve their community. Rogue criminal cops like Jimmy Fennell should not have the protection of other law enforcement, prosecutors, etc… It is fairly obvious that Jimmy Fennel knew about Staci’s relationship with Rodney and as a racist cop, his ego would not let him leave it alone and he knew they would look at Rodney rather than a fellow member of law enforcement. For the record, I am caucasian and a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer. I think its a sad state of affairs in our country when any person is charged and convicted based on the color of their skin instead of whether they are innocent or guilt. If any of the Justices on the Appeals Court has any integrity or conscience, they will grant the DNA testing and grant Rodney a new trial.


  3. Ami Burns

    Let this poor innocent man out. Texas is to blame when this man dies and its sad to say but they dont care. Test his DNA and let the truth set him free!



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