STOP the Execution of Rodney Reed! Statewide Rally on November 9th at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, TX

Posted October 29, 2019

Join us on Saturday, November 9, 2019 in Austin, Texas. We need as many folks as possible to come to Austin and demand that Governor Abbott and the State of Texas STOP THE EXECUTION of Rodney Reed! We are inviting folks from all around Texas and the country to join us to demand justice for Rodney Reed and Stacey Stites. Please mark your calendars and spread the word!

Speakers will include:
Rodrick Reed – Brother of Rodney Reed
Sandra Reed – Mother of Rodney Reed
Heather Campbell Stobbs – cousin of Stacey Stites
Shaun King – Writer and national Black Lives Matter activist and co-founder of Real Justice PAC
Lee Merritt – National civil rights attorney who focuses on cases of police brutality, hate crimes, and corporate discrimination
Rep. Vikki Goodwin – Texas House Member, District 47
Mark Clements – Former juvenile Life Without Parole prisoner from Illinois
Shujaa Graham – exonerated death row prisoner from California
Juan Melendez – exonerated death row prisoner from Florida
Robert Muhammad – Leader of Austin Nation of Islam
Mike Siegel – Congressional candidate for Texas district 10
Kevin Gannon – Retired NYPD detective from A&E’S Dead Again
Deke Pierce – Candidate for Travis County Constable, Precinct 2
Reverend Byron Green – Pastor at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Elgin, TX
Delia Perez Meyer – sister of TX death row prisoner Louis Castro Perez

Performance by Riders Against the Storm

Saturday, November 9, 2019, 2:00 PM
Texas Governor’s Mansion, 1010 Colorado St, Austin, TX
More speakers to be announced soon! Updates here:

We will be collecting petitions and clemency letters at this event, and will have information about further actions in November to stop the execution!


64 thoughts on “STOP the Execution of Rodney Reed! Statewide Rally on November 9th at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, TX

  1. Ramona Harris

    Please give this man a FAIR trial and consider all the evidence. Especially the fact that none of his DNA was found at the scene of the crime.


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  4. Solanis

    If they execute Ronald Reed… This 2020 election… who every is able to vote… let’s vote Greg Abbott out of office… #VoteGregAbbottOutOfOffice2020


  5. Jason Melendez

    He needs to be free , we only have one life to live on earth and your are throwing his away without full proof he could be with family , or friends making peoples life better or enjoying his 1 life that god has gave him , however no racism a childish and unjust thing that has provoked the U.S.A into a crisis grow up judges and racist white people for putting others in hurt and damage the sickness there family must have been felling when they found out that he is on death row. How would you feel if this happened to your , we do not have the choice to pick are race imagine if you were an African American male and YOU got sentenced a death sentenced even though your innocent and racially profiled as dangerous or assumed that you committed a crime ,we are all the same just different colored for example think of apples some are red some green even yellow ,however if you take the skin off the apple they are all the same. And don’t get me wrong there are rotten apples , however not all apples are rotten some green some yellow some red each one can get rotten we are all equal , if we want to make the next generations better and have acceptance of all race we need to take action . free Rodney Reed


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